EP Series Vol. 1 - The Invisible Gentlemen

by The Fairly Secret Army

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This is the first in a series of ep's that we are releasing.
To get back into the swing of things, we re-recorded these old (17 years ago) songs that Brandon and I did in 1999 or 2000. The project was called "the Invisible Gentlemen" and was originally intended to be very low-fi recordings inspired by the Moldy Peaches.
Well, 17 years later, Greg and I decided to do these three songs from that project (we had also recorded "A part and yet apart" on our first FSA album "Keep it secret, Keep it safe")

These recordings are dedicated to Brandon Parks Sawrey.
We miss playing music with you, but we really just just miss you.


released February 10, 2017

Recorded Nov(?) 2016 - Feb 2017
at Fairly Secret Studios
Produced by The Czar
Photo by David
Cover by Greg
Model - Pat McInerny

David R. - Vocals, Drums, Keyboard & Melodica...and whistling.
Greg - Guitars and Fretless Bass

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The Fairly Secret Army Minnesota

The Fairly Secret Army doesn't exist, this doesn't exist, but...

About us:

David wishes music could pay all his bills.

Greg wishes the next Marvel movie came out tomorrow.
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Track Name: Not The Hottest Or The Nothin'
I never had a Jennifer
Grade school was fresh out of them
My friends all snatched them up too soon
None left for you know who

Can I have some of your mint jam?
Thriller walked by the park

Lyrics were the only foreplay, they ever had
Tom Roth where are you now?
Biting the teachers aid is bad!

Can I have some of your mint jam?
Thriller walked by the park
Not the hottest or the nothin'
Not the hottest or the nothin'

Na, Na, Na...
Track Name: In A Bubble
Fairy tale, midsummer nights dream
A man floats in a bubble
Purple, yellow and orange fish float around
The lady of shalot
And there's someone in bondage
Hanging by their hands
And I have no hands (what the ...?)

But Peter Murphy's silhouetted on my door
And sometimes god hides, but...

What would Yngwie do if he heard a man
playing bass without a pick?
Would he turn on Jeff Berlin?
And he says "I don't know"
And the first time I saw her
She was up on the deck of an ocean-liner

We've got Gothic 16 or was it 18?
And there's a little bucket waiting for the drops to fall
And I don't know at all

I'm not going to sell it (anymore)

And there are very odd paintings on the wall
And there is a light on
It's 11:15 but not in the real world
and that fell down
Track Name: Quality Intro
Come on already
Always pull this shit
One, Two Three, Four!
Track Name: Quality Band
Keep us in mind
When you're buying your CD's next time
We're really a quality band
We don't try and rhyme

No overdubs, No second takes
No re do's(reverb), Never a mistake

Maybe you'd like to buy a big budget disc?
Well that's not us, It will never be
And we could care less if you listen to us
When nobody's listening, why should we fuss?