Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe

by The Fairly Secret Army

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RECORDED 3 JAN 2011 - 14 MARCH 2011

The Fairly Secret Army is a very d.i.y. home studio recording project that is basically us getting together on Mondays, writing and recording the drums, guitars and bass and then by the next week vocals are finish. Then we start on the next song.

We plan on an album every 8-10 weeks.

For weekly updates and info:

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released March 14, 2011

Vocals: Edward
Guitar: William
Drums: David
Bass: Gregory



all rights reserved


The Fairly Secret Army Minnesota

The Fairly Secret Army doesn't exist, this doesn't exist, but...

About us:

David wishes music could pay all his bills.

Greg wishes the next Marvel movie came out tomorrow.
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Track Name: Fairly Secret Attack
And so this is how it all begins
I hope this way everyone wins
Best way is to do it on our own
Just hope we can make it alone

Why take the time when no one cares
Anybody listening, anyone there
Do it for ourselves never lookin' back
This is a fairly secret attack

Then I hear the skeptics start to say
"But they can barely even play"
That's true but we will try our best
Leave doing nothin' for all the rest

And if you stumble upon us
Give us a try
And if you enjoy us
We'll wonder why?
Track Name: Next Song
So now you've heard the first song
We hope that you've learned to sing along
And if you haven't, go back give it a try
And now we're on the next song
And it didn't take us very long
Give us another week and we'll show exactly why

We're the fastest writers in town
We're gettin' up when everyone is falling down

(Can you dig it - We can dig it)
(Here comes the metal - We love the metal)
(Do you dig it - Yeah we dig it)
(Will you listen - Yeah we'll listen)
(When we play metal - We love metal)
(It's in our soul)

We're the new creators of the sound
We're finished up when others haven't made a sound

The nature of these songs is part of their appeal
Don't get us wrong, we didn't reinvent the wheel
We go on in and bust 'em out
Press record and that's a take
We don't use Pro-tools and never ever fake

And this is the part where we scratched our heads
And wondered if it fit
But it's so metal
That's why we kept it

Now that the metal's over we're back to the indie way
You've heard some of our awesome "chops"
I think we've proved that we can play
We hope our songs are livin' rent free in your head
This desert island cd will be with you until you are dead
Track Name: Trouble With Girls / Smooth Operator
When you left me
I said don't ever come back home
And since you left me
I got my life back all my own
And since you left me
All the skies are made of gold

When I first met you
I thought the sun shined in your eyes
Then I got to know you
And found the devil in disguise
You had a hold on my heart and soul
And I don't need them anymore

So I learned my lesson
Somethings are too good to be true
but I was foolish
I did not know what you could do
But all the warning signs tell of your kind
Rather be alone than be with you

Come to the pad
Of the smooth operator
Lay down you head
With the smooth operator
Everything is true what they said
About the smooth operator
So get into bed
With the smooth operator

Submit to all of his charms

you will be glad you met
The smooth operator
Oh you will be sad
When you leave the smooth operator
So make sure you come back
To the smooth operator
But please no personal check
For the smooth operator

Sit back relax in his arms
Track Name: Common Sense
Maybe it's just me
But because you have the right of way
Doesn't mean you should
Step in front of my car

Has the world gone mad
(Yeah the world's gone mad)
It's so damn sad
(It's super sad)
I wish we could use some common sense

And maybe it's just me
But I don't need a warning sign
To keep the children
Safe from harm

Are you really serious
Do you need a warning coffee's hot
A little argument results
In a poor bastard getting shot
And if you are a vegan
Tell me about those leather boots you own
I can't believe these are the seeds we've sown
What the f*ck!?
Track Name: Vengeance Is Paid
A prisoner in chains, you made your escape
Killing those who stand in your way
You must find your home
and the ones who killed your kin
And make those bastards pay

The forest of snow
The mountains that block your path
The chill in the air
Only delay your bloodbath

For miles you walk, the journey is hard
But the fires still burn in you strong
And the anger you hold, like a dagger to the throat
The black seeds of vengeance carry you on

Like a demon you fight
As the wolves are unleashed
As the charge you stand your ground
With the chain that kept you enslaved
Your fury is released
When it's over they don't make a sound

Now you found your home, those who killed your kin
And the slaughter is equal to none
Your revenge is complete and vengeance is paid
But the journey has just begun
Track Name: A Part, Yet Apart
Say what you will
It'll still be wrong
I have no faith in where we belong
Tell me the truth
It'll be a lie
Why do you ever even try
You look his way
With lust in your heart
That's what will forever keep us apart

A part and yet apart of nothing
And I can't take it anymore

What will you do
When I'm not your fool
Treading on my soul, I need to be whole
It's over and done
Before it's begun
Thanks and f*ck you, it's been fun
Track Name: Geek Love
Mmm Oh that's good!

I can't think of another place to be
No no baby can't you see
I think the heaven's are here in your arms
The wild ways of your charms

This ain't a one night stand
Into the promised land
I don't know what to do
(Never me someone like you)
Can't say goodbye to you
(Who likes Doctor Who)

And you say somethin' that changes my world
Never thought I'd hear it by far
You roll over and ask me if I
Wanna watch Battlestar

I can't believe this is happenin' to me, come and see
No it's better than an alien
No it's better than a female alien
Oh I don't know
How bout a human girl that like me?

And she's watchin' Freaks & Geeks
And she's quoting Twin Peaks
And I try not say "I Love You" too soon
But she's talking bout Frank Herbert's Dune
She's not the pellet with the poison
In the flagon with the dragon
She's the chalice from the palace
With the brew that is true
The Brew that is true
Track Name: Farewell
Set myself by the ocean
But never when waters are tame
And although I did not know you
Still I carry your name

I come here when the wild winds blow
Feel that you're closer to me
When the storm comes on the horizon
I see you caught in the wild wild sea

And they'll sing and they'll sing
Of the storm it did bring
To and end for you early I know
And I'll try to be strong
But know all along
How much I miss you so