That's the Ticket

by The Fairly Secret Army

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Cover Photo by David
Models : Mike and Emily
Layout as always by Greg

Keep it secret, Jing twan noi ket


released April 28, 2012

Vocals: Edward
Guitars: William
Drums: David
Bass: Gregory



all rights reserved


The Fairly Secret Army Minnesota

The Fairly Secret Army doesn't exist, this doesn't exist, but...

About us:

David wishes music could pay all his bills.

Greg wishes the next Marvel movie came out tomorrow.
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Track Name: 3rd Wall
That seems just like a serious song,
but this is not a serious song
I'm sure some lyrics will come along,
and then I know we can't go wrong

Again we're breaking that 3rd wall down
Some people like it and some just frown
But that's ok they won't stick around
Get up and get on down!

I just hope we can all get along,
no need to get upset it's just a song
Maybe go back to the first one and sing along
Oh yeah that's right,it's hard to understand

First there was Ferris, and Cusack too
Sometimes the girls of porn look right at you
So don't be shy, Don't run from it
Can you dig it? Yeah, you dig it!
Track Name: I Could Do Without... You
Why do we try to keep everything alive,
some things should die

I don't know about you,
but I could do without...
All these annoying people,
yeah I could do without...

Natural selection was doing fine,
and then everyone got involved

Here's where I get a little negative, oh well
This is just one opinion, so go to hell
Children of Men could happen
and we wouldn't have to deal
With over population,
Soylent Green could be real?

Maybe if some of you could control them, then ...well?
They wouldn't drive me crazy...can't you tell?
When your kid is freaking out
and begins to scream and shout
To shut them up I'd like to let them chew on
some lead toy!
Track Name: Anonymity
Is that how you are normally?
A total dick that doesn't have the sense to see?
You're trying so hard to sound smart but no one really cares
Do you act this way in public? How do you deal with the stares?

That's how you have the balls to say
Everything you do
In the real world we wouldn't get away with it
So shut the fuck up we're all tired of your shit

You hide behind your screen and say whatever comes to mind
How can you be so dumb, you're like the blind leading the blind
I know they're just words,but some things shouldn't go so far
Is this how you want people to think that you really are?
Track Name: She Tells Stories
Saw her sittin' there, using crayons on the wall
Writin' all the things that gone wrong in her life
Yeah she looked at me and said I never meant a thing to her
How do you think that effects my life?

She's been telling stories
So many stories about me

That was five years ago, I saw her the other day
She didn't even crack me a smile
But she looked at me and said I haven't changed a bit
What do you think she meant by that?

There's nothing I can say
There's nothing I can do
She just kept on telling stories
So many stories

Snuck up behind her, thought I'd unscrew her head
and see what's inside
I didn't expect to find too much
A small little man jumped out and said "This is my body!"
"I'm a parasite and I'm at home."
Track Name: Things In Me
I got lost in you, it was a long time ago
Yeah I don't think my motives were true
Traded my feelings for convenience
Tell me what does that mean to you?

All my friends are trying to tell me
All these things that I'm supposed to be
These things in me

I drive this boys toy and candy dishes
Cling to the youth of my life
He wants one more chance at a second glance
You lose your spark and you lose you mind

All my friends are trying to show me
All these things that I'm not supposed to be
These things in me

And now that you are feeling, know this difference
Say you accept what is
My heart keeps on reeling, what's the difference
I'll be so useless so far in

All my friends are trying to show me
All these things that I'm not supposed to be, yeah
All my friends are trying to tell me
All these things that they're not supposed to see
These things in me
Track Name: After the War
Travelin' down behind the wheel,
surrounded by ten tons of steel
The desert's only in my way,
until those bastards come to play

After the war, we know what we're fighting for

Then one day a man he came,
no one even knew his name
He said he'd drive it for us there,
it was like an answer to our prayer

But evil came to take it all
But he was their downfall

And I will remember well,
that fight out on the highway hell
And we tricked him in the end,
it was the fuel we had to defend
Track Name: Strength of Will
When we were young I called you friend
But then one day that had to end
you broke me down, made me feel low
After all this time I thought you should know

You're lucky to still be alive
But my strength of will helped me to survive
you see it on the news today
When pushed too far someone has to pay

But life goes on and made me who I am
And some scars remain from boy to man

And looking back now on foolish childish ways
If my thoughts turned to action would we be here today
Now every time I hear something's gone wrong with you
It gives me satisfaction, I can't feel bad for you

What makes you think that I want to be friends with you?
Don't you remember all that shit that you put me through?
I can't believe that you forgot all you did to me
With friends like you I don't need an enemy