The Mountain Man

by The Fairly Secret Army

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The Fairly Secret Army is still a D.I.Y. home recording project. We write songs on Monday and usually have them done by the next Monday...then start a new one! If we're lucky.

Special Thanks this time around goes to:
Liz and Jen...for putting up with whatever we do.


Cover Photo - "Liver-eatin' McLeod" Mountain man of the virtual West.
Image from:

Layout by Greg


released April 29, 2012

Lead Vocals: Edward
Lead Guitars: William
Lead Drums: David
Lead Bass: Gregory



all rights reserved


The Fairly Secret Army Minnesota

The Fairly Secret Army doesn't exist, this doesn't exist, but...

About us:

David wishes music could pay all his bills.

Greg wishes the next Marvel movie came out tomorrow.
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Track Name: Meant To Be
Someone is out there listenin' to what you said
Was it deep and meaningful or did it come off the top of your head?
Now they're hangin' on every word you sing
And you can't seem to deal with the fame that it brings
And you say to yourself "This is my last night."
"Up on this stage where I can't seem to get it right."

And the roads go on and on
As the night turns to day
And you came to hear that song that
kills us a little, when we play

You wish it was simple, but it tears you apart
To think when no one knew your name and the music was in your heart

Then one day you find yourself all alone under the stars
You just have to learn how to live and remember who you are
And that girl on the car in the parking lot, said that without you
she would have crumbled down
And somewhere in the middle of America there's a rain king without a crown
And you look to find a way out of the rain ,but you can't help drowning in her sea
And everything that happened went exactly as planned
And how it was meant to be
Track Name: Saddle Up!
Saddle up,get in line.
You say you wanna go, all you ever do is whine
the bomb drop, the sky drop
They say stop don't stop don't stop don't stop
Good God my eyes are on fire baby, there's something in the air
The foundation's cracked and crumbling
The politicians are soaking in innocents blood
We're dropping off here,we're dropping off there
No further questions!
Look up before it's gone
Cause that death ray's pointed right at you son
Maybe if you accepted your birthright
The right hand of doom would fall upon us all

Kirby can you help us or are we all lost?
We'll find the unstable molecules at any cost

I got the gun, I got the knife
I got the mask that let's me see the demons run at night
Snow fall, blood on all
When you gotta get somewhere and don't know how to get there
Maybe you should stop and ask for directions?
They got so far without tryin'
And now they are cryin and cryin and cryin
I'll take a vacation I hear whore island is nice this time of year
They're building up and tearing down
Brick and mortar stores, they won't be around
I don't want to be your companion
Because when the Daleks come, you know I'm dead!

Dave Martin we're so jealous of that band name
If you lose your stolen Picassos then who's to blame?

And then one day they come out with a 5.1 version of Aqualung
And instead of paying $25, you have to buy it in a $140 box

Dream Crusher have you mellowed anytime this year
Or are you still a crushing? It's what we fear
You know damn well it's what he was made for
He was our inspiration, the Smooth Operator
Track Name: Quality Over Quantity
Your album's really way too long
I can't even stand the 11th song
And really, how much time do you think I can spend on you?
I've got so many other things to listen to

Can we go back to the length
Of when vinyl was the way
40 minutes and I'm through
Spendin' time on you
Good God Yeahl!

And now everything's got a bonus track
Can we get the proper ending of the album back
And you're so wordy I can't remember what you said
I don't have space for lyrics in my head

Just because there's 80 minutes
Doesn't mean you have to fill it all
Sometimes the songs on the cutting floor
Were meant to take the fall
There's something to be said
For quality over quantity
But don't just take my word
Listen to a classic from the 70's