We Miss The Cold War

by The Fairly Secret Army

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The Fairly Secret Army is still a D.I.Y. home recording project. We write songs on Monday and usually have them done by the next Monday...then start a new one!

For weekly updates and info and printable cover art: theczardr.blogspot.com

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released February 13, 2012

Vocals: Edward
Guitars: William
Drums: David
Bass: Gregory



all rights reserved


The Fairly Secret Army Minnesota

The Fairly Secret Army doesn't exist, this doesn't exist, but...

About us:

David wishes music could pay all his bills.

Greg wishes the next Marvel movie came out tomorrow.
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Track Name: Never Let You Go
This is a warning song,
this is what could go wrong

When I look into your pretty eyes,
there's a feeling that takes me by surprise
And I want ti tell you how I feel,
but the words come out sounding so surreal

And there's something you should know,
I ain't never lettin' you go
Never let you go!

If I had a chance to make you mine,
you know I won't ever waste no time
If I knew the words into your heart,
then I'd finish what I'd surely start

This guy sounds like a stalker,
maybe we should get a restraining order
I don't know, maybe he's harmless,
but you know that's what they always say
Track Name: We Miss The Cold War
Everyone was paranoid,
WWIII was somethin' we were tryin' to avoid
Not a lot of people were dyin',
I'm sure that not for a lack of tryin'

We miss the cold war, yeah that's for damn sure
We miss the cold cold war

And we're sending soldiers out to war,
can anybody tell me what their dying for?
Is it for the price of oil?
Let's tap the ass of that American soil

And we can hope for a better way,
but I know we're gonna have to pay
Is it gonna haunt us some day?
Nobody has the courage to say

And there's a price to be paid,
from all these stupid decisions that are made
And the powers that be...
they don't care about you or me
Track Name: Worms of the Earth
My debt to be paid,
for the path I've paved
And I'm sorry for what it's worth.
For unleashing the Worms of the Earth

There is no justice from Rome,
Adorned with the Iron Crown
Invaders to be purged from my home,
they must reap for what they have sown

The black stone is the key,
for us to be free
A fear long since our birth,
of the worms of the earth

The dark witch Atla I await,
to imbrace my fate
Dire deeds seal my fate,
to lay Titus Sulla to waste

In the barrow so black,
fear is my friend
There is no turning back,
my people I must defend

What a hellish price to pay,
No longer a king in word or deed
The enemies of man have won this day,
God forgive me for what I have freed

The black stone is the key,
for us to be free
My enemies laid low,
this madness I have sown
My debt to be paid,
for the path I've paved
A fear long since our birth,
of the worms of the earth
Track Name: Dream Crusher
Sha na na na na na na na na na na na
Dream Crusher 2011, yeah , she's a dream crusher.

So you tell me what you want me to do,
what I want never get's through to you
And you come along to take away the joy,
like a bully taking away a child's toy

Dream Crusher! Whatcha gonna do about me and you
Dream Crusher! Whatcha gonna do when we're all through
Dream Crusher! Stop stomp stompin' on my dreams
Dream Crusher! Oh that's how it seems

I was looking forward to treating myself,
but all of my needs sit nice upon your shelf
And that piece of happiness that should have shone through,
is swallowed up by the worst of you

You know were this is,
this is the deepest recesses of my mind...
(you figure it out from there)
Track Name: Return of the Smooth Operator
She said "HOLY SHIT!, I can't believe it,
his is the best (sex) that I've ever had!"
And she can't see why she'd want to be
with someone that wasn't him

She is so glad to be with the Smooth Operator
And she is so sad, when she leaves the Smooth Operator
(He is the Smooth Operator, He is the, He is the Smooth Operator)

She said "He's so damn neat, you just can't beat
the time that she spends with him"
And he treat her right, especially in the night,
she's no Jan and he's no Hank Pym

It feels like she's so close to heaven,
she thinks she hears the angels sing
(He is the Smooth Operator, He is the, He is the Smooth Operator)
And the blinding light of heaven,
is the pleasure that he brings
Track Name: The Dream of the Cunning Linguist
So you told us about a dream of gettin' down with a friend
And you woke before it finished, that's not sayin' it didn't begin
And in your dream he's a cunning linguist, and his social skills they rock
But you didn't get far enough to see how he even works that...

Can't you see that it's not so wrong, in your dreams are where these thought belong
It's ok, I hope you realize, you better wake up and apologize

And so you're now talking about it, something best kept to yourself
It'll come back to haunt you...and this song won't help!
And maybe one day we won't write about him, you never can be sure
He is a living legend...the Smooth Operator!

(Spoken Word...you figure it out.)
Track Name: Defective Boy
Young man moving mountain,
he thinks he's indestructible

One day, he finds, he's fucked like you and I
Falls down to his knees and prays to the divine

Life moves forward aging all of us,
time stops for moments to highlight all of the pain

Our prayers are not listened to and our hopes are all in vain
Can it get better from here or will there always be this pain
Life goes downhill for all of us
Track Name: Ask Jolene
You give me what I need
and I take and take
Everything I see gives me pleasure today

And I find you on the internet,
to satisfy my needs
And I find you on the world wide web
to spread that disease
And I know your name
even when there are many to choose from
I just Ask Jolene and she gives me all I need.

But then one day I couldn't find your name
to search for more
It made me loose my mind...what good is google for?

Friend "X" was not your name,
but that's all I had to go off of
Then one day my friend gave me a DVD
and there you were
I found your name...